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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

12 months!

I can not believe I have one year old's! This years has been the fastest, craziest, foggiest, happiest year of my life! I can not image my life without them!

Bennett (Right)
Weight/Height from 10/04/16 appointment: You weigh 21lbs 13.9oz and are 2'6.5". 
Sleep: You are still sleeping like a champ for the most part. 
Clothes and Diaper Size: Most clothes are 12 months- 18months. You are in size 4 diapers.
Diet: You are officially on whole milk. You've adjusted just fine. Now to discontinue bottles.. not looking forward this one. You LOVE food. You eat everything and are really good and feeding yourself.
Products We Love: Still loving our Phil and Ted's Lobster chairs and Sophie. You are loving your plates and sippy cup.
Milestones: We have a crawler!!! You are everywhere these days and seem much happier now you can follow your brother around and get into everything!
Likes: You sing, babble, and laugh. You love looking at yourself in the mirror. Love cuddling (be-still my heart!), and being held. Love to eat and being sung to. Love stretching and hanging out in your bead- just like your Mommy!
Dislikes: Being left out or alone. Being hungry. Having to be still to get your diaper or clothes changed.

Cameron (Left)
Weight/Height from 10/04/16 appointment: You weigh 24lb 5.4oz and are 2' 7.5" tall. 
Sleep: This month has been pretty good minus a few horrendous nights. We think your molars are coming in.
Clothes and Diaper Size: Wearing 18 months-24 months now. Size 4 diapers.
Diet: You are officially on whole milk. You eat most things and LOVE fruit. You're working on feeding yourself. You do pretty well but are still messy and just not quite as clean as your brother. :)
Products We Love: Still loving your Phil and Ted's Lobster chairs and SophieYou are loving your plates and sippy cup.
Milestones: You are taking 3-5 steps at a time and cruising everything. It's only a matter of time before you take off!
Likes: Standing up, holding your hands so you can attempt to walk, and being able to see everything. Love being sung to and clapping at everything. 
Dislikes: Laying down or anywhere where you can't see everything, not getting attention when you want it and being hungry. Still not the biggest fan of the pool. Hate having your diaper changed or changing clothes.

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