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Monday, March 28, 2016

Their 1st Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

As usual fun thing fly by! Easter was no different. The Hubs was off on Friday and kept the boys. Mommy had to work :(. I decided I wanted to get a picture of the boys with the Easter bunny. I got my Hubs to meet me at Bass Pro Shop (I didn't have to ask twice to go there!). I had heard they had free.. you heard that right.. FREE. There was a line when we got there but it moved soo fast! They did a good job and we will definitely go again. They even let my MIL snap some of her own pictures! The boys had refused to nap for my Hubs so they are kinda in a daze but I'll take it!

Saturday this Mommy and both boys were struggling. My allergies are in full force and I basically spent the whole day on the couch. My inlaws came over to see the boys and I was still in pajamas, no shower, and no makeup. Sad part is.. I felt too bad to care.

Luckily Sunday morning I felt a bit better. The boys seemed to be feel better despite still having runny noses. I mean just look at these cute faces with their Easter baskets!

My Hubs reluctantly agreed (he HATES pictures!) to take a family photo at my Mom's house. I mean we matched and all. Shockingly.. this was not planned! 

We had a long day of Hubs' family for lunch and dinner with mine. A lot of driving but we made it. I can't believe their first Easter has already come and gone!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. They are adorable! I love your pics - thanks for sharing.

  2. Aww they look so cute with Easter baskets. Allergies are NO fun.

  3. Great Easter bunny photos. Hoping you are feeling better!