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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Confessions of Lately..

Can I get an AMEN that this week is almost over?! Anyone else feeling like they are dragging ass this week?!

I confess I haven't cooked one single meal in probably months. This is so NOT like me! With two babes to feed and entertain, feeding Mommy and Daddy has taken a back seat. Maybe it will help us lose weight.. Bahahaha!

I confess that I loathe losing an hour of sleep! The time change has really thrown our entire family for a loop. I'm so far beyond tired it's not even funny!

I confess that I've developed a golden oreo addiction. I bought some a on hungry shopping spree a week ago and they have been hiding in my desk at work. I can't eat just one.. help!

I confess that I didn't even realize I was registered to vote in our new house district (ok.. 3 years but still). Luckily a coworker forced me to look it up and I actually voted yesterday.

I confess that I still tear up thinking about my boys while I'm at work or away from them. Time is flying by so fast and I feel like I miss so much!

I confess that I NEED a new wardrobe including shoes. My dang feet have grown since having the boys.. sigh..worst nightmare comes true! I've lost all my weight plus a but nothing fits the same. I mean NOTHING!

I confess that I didn't get a raise this year at work. The first time this has EVER  happened in the 10 years I've been here and it's hard to stay motivated lately. I have a ton of work going but I find myself worrying or thinking about my boys.

I confess that I quickly peruse blogs during free moments at work and think I comment in my head but actually don't. I blame it on the lack of sleep.

I confess that I completely forgot that St.Patrick's Day was this week and wore a cute green outfit on Tuesday. I may or may not be wearing it again today. But I did remember the boys- see below! Now someone go drink a green beer for me!

Hope you have a good Thursday/St.Patrick's Day!

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  1. Seriously..who knew how precious that ONE hour of sleep was!? Maybe I have just forgotten from previous years, but its really hard this year! haha I feel like I need a redo and to take a nap the day before to prepare myself!

  2. I miss that one hour of sleep as well and my twins are not doing that well with the time change. Ugh. Please fast forward a week so we can get some rest again.

  3. I love the post! Have a nice day:)